Image of BMSF Director, A/Prof. Mark Raftery, and a student working on an LC/MS with the text "Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry: Measuring Masses For The Masses."

Welcome to the Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility (BMSF) at the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre (MWAC). UNSW has been a centre of mass spectrometry since the 1960s, with the School of Chemistry and School of Physiology & Pharmacology (now part of the School of Medical Sciences) pioneering the development and application of this technique. Since 2002 the university has taken steps to centralise and build capability in mass spectrometry alongside other important research infrastructure leading to its new and dynamic Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre.

The BMSF brings together advanced mass spectrometric equipment and expertise to enliven and support medical, biological as well as molecular/macromolecular research at UNSW and beyond. Mass Spectrometry is increasingly an enabling tool in Science, Medicine and Engineering. For example, mass spectrometry today is helping to detect, treat and find cures for cancer, develop new materials and drugs and probe the molecular basis of how the cell works.

Our commitment is to make mass spectrometry accessible and powerfully effective for researchers irrespective of their experience in using the technique. Research staff at the BMSF are experts in developing and applying mass spectrometry and allied methods. We are here to guide you in the use of instrumentation and methods, develop methods to suit your needs and train research students and staff to operate our sophisticated instruments.

I invite you to browse this site and learn more about how mass spectrometry at the BMSF can make a difference to your research. If you have a project that you think may benefit from mass spectrometry, I encourage you to make an appointment at the BMSF to discuss how we can assist you.

You can visit us virtually here.

A/Prof. Mark Raftery